Intensive Couples Therapy

Intensive Couples Therapy are for those couples who are on the verge of crisis. This is an opportunity for couples to really get into the deep rooted issues.  While this can be an extremely volatile time that wreaks havoc on both your relationship and yourself, it is also a time rich with opportunity to heal the relationship.

These are 3-hour sessions for couples who are coming from further away and for couples who need more than regular weekly or biweekly sessions. In this time period, we are able to create a new experience for both partners that has a lasting impact. Literally, brains are re-trained with regards to partners.  When trust and safety is restored in this way, healing can occur and relationships are able to thrive.

Frequently Expressed Concerns

  • There is a lack of trust & safety in the relationship
  • Feel continually hurt & disappointed by their partner
  • Partner doesn’t “get” them
  • Believe partner doesn’t have their back
  • Feel frequently criticized by their partner
  • Partner demands too much- feel smothered
  • Feel they can’t connect – as if there is a wall between them


  • Restore trust and safety to their relationships
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • See relationships in a new way
  • Identify reasons why love relationships are difficult and overcome them
  • Equip couples with essential tools to restore and renew their relationship