Couples Psychotherapy

You may have asked yourself , “How could something that began with such hope & optimism become so challenging?”

Most couples don’t have the tools they need to have satisfying marriages.  This makes sense because their role models for relationship have been less than adequate. After all, how many people want their parent’s marriage? Linda helps couples through various modalities restore safety and trust to their relationship.  She teaches couples how to communicate more effectively so they can feel heard and understood by their partners. Linda helps couples to understand why committed love relationship are perhaps the biggest challenge of our lives. She gives couples hope that they can create a new relationship.

Frequently Expressed Concerns

  • There is a lack of trust & safety in the relationship
  • Feel continually hurt & disappointed by their partner
  • Partner doesn’t “get” them
  • Believe partner doesn’t have their back
  • Feel frequently criticized by their partner
  • Partner demands too much- feel smothered
  • Feel they can’t connect – as if there is a wall between them


  • Restore trust and safety to their relationships
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • See relationships in a new way
  • Identify reasons why love relationships are difficult and overcome them
  • Equip couples with essential tools to restore and renew their relationship