Adolescent Psychotherapy

Linda as been working with adolescents and their families for over thirty years. She began her work in the Seaford schools counseling middle & high school students.

Linda then spent twenty five years in Rye Middle School counseling adolescents individually and in groups. Adolescents self selected to work with Linda, who created a safe environment where students could feel heard, respected, and understood. She also gave them tools to deal with their peers, parents, and teachers.

Since leaving Rye, Linda has worked privately with many young adults who were her counselees in Rye. During her years working in Rye, Linda had & continues to have a private practice where she works with adolescents and their families as well as adults, couples and families.

Some areas of concern for individuals might be:

  • Peer related struggles
  • Body image challenges
  • Managing anxiety provoking situations
  • Challenging relationships with parents & siblings
  • Drug/Alcohol use
  • Academic difficulties


  • Improved self esteem
  • Ability to control emotional reactivity
  • Develop & maintain healthy peer relationships
  • Improved relationships with parents & siblings